The D2-P from D2 Racing is a pressure based digital management system that features 4 user definable preset heights and individual four corner air spring control. The wireless digital controller displays all four bag pressures, as well as the tank pressure. The controller uses an OLED adjustable colour display with user loadable wallpaper on start-up / standby, as well as a wireless key fob for quick and easy activation of the 4 ride height presets as well as a rise on start feature.
    D2's digital management utilizes a serviceable billet aluminium solenoid manifold and ECU which makes for simple installation using the supplied pre-wired looms.
    If safety and quality is a concern, D2 have your concerns covered! With a low voltage compressor cut off the system will automatically cut the compressor if the vehicles charging system drops below 12.7v, as well as a thermal overload protection where if the compressor runs for longer than 40 minutes it will automatically adjust the cut off pressure to a lower value. The system also features a minimum height and maximum height warning via either audible, visual or audible and visual warnings as well as a park brake system where the vehicle cannot be lowered until the park brake is on. Additionally, all D2 components are manufactured in accordance with TüV ISO 9001:2008 to ensure 100% quality.
    Supplied with a polished stainless steel air tank for extreme durability and great looks as well as a Air Zenith OB2 compressor for unrivaled reliability and fill times.
    • 4 user definable ride height presets.
    • Rise on start.
    • Park brake safety system (only allows lowering with park brake on).
    • Rechargeable wireless controller with 5 adjustable illumination colours.
    • Wireless illuminated pre-set key fob.
    • Antenna for maximum wireless range.
    • User definable wallpaper for standby mode and start-up mode (download your own).
    • Adjustable solenoid valve speed.
    • Serviceable valves and pressure sensors.
    • Minimum / maximum height warning.
    • Billet aluminium manifold block.
    • Billet aluminium ECU housing.
    • 5 Gallon stainless steel tank.
    • Adjustable pressure switch (150 / 175 / 200psi).
    • Air Zenith OB2 Compressor.
    • Compressor voltage cut off.
    • Compressor overload runtime cut off.
    • Optional height leveling sensors.
    What's in the box?
    • 1 x Wireless Controller.
    • 1 x Wireless Controller Car Charger.
    • 1 x Wireless Key Fob.
    • 1 x Wireless Remote Antenna.
    • 1 x Billet Aluminium Solenoid Manifold
    • 5 x Air Pressure Sensors.
    • 1 x Billet Aluminium ECU.
    • 1 x 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank.
    • 1 x Air Zenith OB2 Compressor.
    • 1 x Compressor Check Valve.
    • 4 x Compressor Isolation Mounts.
    • 1 x Compressor Relay.
    • 1 x Compressor Air Filter.
    • 1 x Compressor Leader Hose.
    • 1 x Air Tank Drain.
    • Air Tank Fixings.
    • 1 x Compressor to Tank fitting.
    • 1 x Tank to Manifold fitting.
    • 4 x Manifold to Airbag fittings (6mm).
    • (30m) 6mm Air Line.
    • 1 x 10mm Air Line.
    • 1 x 100A Maxi Fuse.
    • 1 x Maxi Fuse Holder.
    • 1 x ECU Wiring Multiplug.
    • 5mm Compressor Power Wire.
    • User Manual / Wiring Diagrams.
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty.